Putting on WingBra 穿戴方式



先將 WingBra 的 Logo 面(右)暫時黏貼覆蓋右側胸部。

Place the logo side (right) of Wing Bra temporarily on your right breast.



右手將左側胸部集中托高,再將WingBra 左翼沿著胸部輪廓外側約五公分處,稍微拉緊上提後黏貼。

Hold and lift the left side of your left bra to your desired breast angle with your high-hand fingers. Then, gently smooth the cup edges of Wing Bra’s left wing at about 5 cm away from your left breast. Finally, smooth the cup edge firmly to your left breast.



左側胸型貼好,再將右側 WingBra撕下,重複步驟 2,方向相反,左手將右側胸部集中托高,再將 WingBra 右翼沿著胸部輪廓外側約五公分處,稍微拉緊上提後黏貼。

Repeat Step 2 on your right breast with an opposite direction. First, hold and lift the right side of your left bra to your desired breast angle with your left-hand fingers. Then, gently smooth the cup edges of Wing Bra’s right wing at about 5 cm away from your right breast. Finally, smooth the cup edge firmly to your right breast.



將 WinBra Link (不開扣)下緣厚杯處,直接覆蓋於 WingBra 上。

In order to secure the hold, we suggest users cross both hands and hold the breast for 30 second, so that the body temperature will lift the glue’s temperature, in order to achieve better adhesiveness.


Link Attention 購買先留意

WingBra Link罩杯的選擇,應以本身胸部罩杯減一個尺寸為佳。

When you choose the size of WingBra Link, It is advised that you go down a cup size than your current bra size. For instance, If you are a 32B, you might want to consider the A cup size.


Classic Wing / Link Bra Attention 注意事項

  1. 每次穿戴 Classic Wing / Link Bra前,請清洗雙手,並以濕紙巾清潔胸部皮膚。
  2. Classic Wing為全矽膠材質,無法透氣,為防止過敏性肌膚產生敏感現象,首次穿戴請自行評估自身皮膚適應狀態,建議穿戴一段時間後,打開Classic Wing檢視皮膚狀態,若有任何不適,請停止使用,並尋求專業皮膚科醫師診治。
  3. 穿戴Classic Wing /Link Bra時,可重複撕開並黏貼調整至滿意的程度。
  4. Classic Wing不分尺寸,標準胸型B/C罩杯,可依照Classic Wing教學影片黏貼的位置(Classic Wing上緣邊線包覆在乳暈一半的位置)
    D罩杯以上包含D罩杯,Classic Wing上緣邊線完全遮蓋乳暈。
    A罩杯,Classic Wing上緣邊線往下黏貼到您自身罩杯最下緣。(乳暈完全露出)

  5. Classic Wing有極佳的延展性,穿戴並調整胸型時,可依個人想製造的效果自行調整延展力道。想增加上提與集中程度,延展的力道可加大。若想呈現自然的豐滿度,只需稍加施力延展即可。
  6. 穿戴完Classic Wing /Link Bra一整天之後,黏膠面會沾覆皮膚上的皮脂屑,請務必清洗產品,以維持產品使用壽命。Link Bra的表面是布料材質,請避免使用添加色素的洗滌產品,這類產品可能會在Link Bra布料表面留下沉澱痕跡。
  1. Clean your skin and keep them dry before applying WingBra. Keeping your breast clean and dry will increase the product’s adhesiveness.
  2. Do not use any skin care products such as body cream or body powder before applying WingBra, as it will decrease its adhesiveness.
  3. WingBra is reusable. If you need to adjust it after applying it on your breast, simply tear it off and apply again for the desired lifting result.
  4. When applying, you can freely adjust the adhering angles. Forming WingBra into a “U-shape” will create deeper cleavage.
  5. When wearing WingBra with deep V-neck clothes, it is normal that your nipples are not covered by the product. Make sure that you have created the cleavage that you desired, then cover your nipples with “accessory F” provided.
  6. WingBra is highly ductile; you can adjust it to create desired lifting effect. If WingBra cannot be fully covered by your clothes, you can even wear it upside down to avoid revealing the product.

Attention 建議

  1. 使用乳液爽身粉或任何肌膚保養品,都會破壞本商品的黏著性。黏貼 WingBra 羽透胸翼前請勿使用相關肌膚保養品。
  2. 請依照原圖示黏回收納,請勿對折黏貼。
  3. 不可使用尖銳物品接觸本產品或任意剪裁。
  4. 皮皮膚感染、有傷口、曬傷或不適時請勿穿戴 WingBra。
  5. 使用完每次需以中性肥皂清洗以維持粘性。
  1. People with sensitive skin should avoid wearing for long periods
  2. Always place the WingBra on the storage film when not in use
  3. Do not use sharp objects on the WingBra. Do not cut the WingBra
  4. People with infected, wounded or sun-burnt skin should not use the WingBra.
  1. 每次使用過 WingBra 羽透胸翼 後都須清洗,才不會讓肌膚上的油脂汙垢汗漬殘留於商品表面而影響黏性。
  2. 穿戴後請使用溫水加上些許肥皂清洗,以指腹輕柔做環狀清洗,切勿用指尖以防止造成黏膠破裂,清潔後溫水沖洗。
  3. 清洗後甩掉水分放置平面桌面風乾,請勿用任何東西擦拭多餘水分。
  4. 當 WingBra 羽透胸翼 完全乾後,請將 WingBra 及胸貼小花,照原本收納膠片上圖示貼回即可,捲好放入收納筒內即可。
  1. The WingBra will need cleaning after each use. This will remove oil and dirt, which effects the stickiness of the WingBra.
  2. Use warm water and soap to wash the WingBra. Move your palm in a circular motion. Avoid using fingertips, which may damage the surface of the WingBra. Rinse with warm water.
  3. After cleaning, shake off excess water and lay on a flat surface for drying (sticky side up). Do not wipe off the water.
  4. When the WingBra is completely dry, stick it onto the storage film, roll it up and put into the cylinder for easy storage.