putting on Link 穿戴方式

  • Link 穿戴 示範影片

    • step1 步驟1

      將 WinBra Link (不開扣)下緣厚杯處,直接覆蓋於 WingBra 上。

      Place the lower thicker part of WingBra Link bra cup on your WingBra. Do not loosen up the connectors and separate the both cups of WingBra Link.

    • step2 步驟2


      Gently push your both breasts close to the center of your chest and press firmly with both hands to secure the hold. Now, you look perfect with WingBra.

    • step3 步驟3

      為使 WingBra Link 更緊貼,建議以雙手環抱胸部30秒,讓體溫使黏膠溫度升高,貼合度更佳。

      In order to secure the hold, we suggest users cross both hands and hold the breast for 30 second, so that the body temperature will lift the glue’s temperature, in order to achieve better adhesiveness.

Link Attention 購買先留意

WingBra Link罩杯的選擇,應以本身胸部罩杯減一個尺寸為佳。

When you choose the size of WingBra Link, It is advised that you go down a cup size than your current bra size. For instance, If you are a 32B, you might want to consider the A cup size.