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about WingBra 羽透胸翼


In the past, when models & celebrities need to wear V-necks, halter or some sexy outfit. They have to use duct tape to lift up their breasts to enhance the appearance of cleavage and make their breasts appear larger. Layer after layer of duct tape stuck onto sensitive skin area can be irritating, but they have to tolerate it until the job is done.

您知道嗎?長時間以封箱膠帶塑造胸型,將持續拉扯脥下兩側最薄、最敏感的皮膚,更甚有資深女模,脥下傷口長期經封箱膠帶不斷地黏貼撕除而受傷,更導致傷口發炎潰爛、色素沉澱造成的永久疤痕。 每次看著她們為了呈現完美造型,而必須忍受脆弱肌膚重複摧殘,使得肌膚紅腫、色素沈澱, Tin 總是感嘆自己不能給她們更好、更多的幫助。

Models are aware that when tearing off the duct tape after sticking on the breasts for a long time can cause incredible pain and blisters. Some of the experienced model have suffered from infection/ ulceration which causes keloidal scars and hyperpigmentation. This can lead to permanent marks. All these for a better sex appeal? Is it worth it?

於是經過不斷地測試與改良,猶如雙手環抱托高集中胸部、卻輕如羽翼的 WingBra 羽透胸翼誕生了! 因為 WingBra 使用對肌膚最溫和的矽膠材質製成,為肌膚帶來舒適呵護,同時兼具高度延展性。「塑型增量、修飾曲線」的特點,以胸型曲線剪裁設計,貼合著身形緊貼胸部,創造舒適觸感與自然弧線。 長條型帶子的設計,能平均雙峰壓力,無肩帶、無勒痕、絕對輕薄,能減輕胸部的重量負擔,更適合各式禮服、白紗、宴會服裝。即使是穿著平口無肩帶款式的衣服,也能放心自在地展現風采。

So after constantly testing and improvements, WingBra was born! A product that is just like a pair of hands hugging to push up and centralizing the breasts, but as light as a feather!