using WingBra 使用 羽透胸翼


Link Attention 購買先留意

WingBra Link罩杯的選擇,應以本身胸部罩杯減一個尺寸為佳。

When you choose the size of WingBra Link, It is advised that you go down a cup size than your current bra size. For instance, If you are a 32B, you might want to consider the A cup size.

WingBra Attention 穿戴請注意

  • 使用前請清潔雙手,以濕紙巾擦拭胸部,保持胸部的清潔與乾燥,以保持更好的黏貼效果。
  • WingBra為全矽膠材質,無法透氣,為防止過敏性肌膚產生敏感現象,首次穿戴請勿連續穿戴超過三小時以上,如需長時間使用,期間更換服裝時請撕開檢測,讓皮膚透氣,確認無不適狀況即可繼續穿戴。如有流汗情形,請將汗水以濕紙巾擦拭重新黏貼。
  • WingBra 羽透胸翼可重複穿戴,若黏貼後需要調整,則只需將本產品撕下,重新調整集中度即可。
  • 請配合外衣領口角度,靈活調整黏貼角度,U 字型包覆胸部可讓乳溝更加深邃。
  • 搭配深 V 領口服裝時,PP 點不在 WingBra 羽透胸翼黏貼範圍內屬正常現象,請先調整好乳溝再使用小花胸貼貼住 PP 點即可。
  • WingBra 羽透胸翼具有相當延展性,可依個人拉緊上提的力道影響胸型集中托高的程度,若超出穿著服裝的範圍可將 WingBra 羽透胸翼上下顛倒靈活使用,使其不易穿幫即可。
  • Clean your skin and keep them dry before applying WingBra. Keeping your breast clean and dry will increase the product’s adhesiveness.
  • Do not use any skin care products such as body cream or body powder before applying WingBra, as it will decrease its adhesiveness.
  • WingBra is reusable. If you need to adjust it after applying it on your breast, simply tear it off and apply again for the desired lifting result.
  • When applying, you can freely adjust the adhering angles. Forming WingBra into a “U-shape” will create deeper cleavage.
  • When wearing WingBra with deep V-neck clothes, it is normal that your nipples are not covered by the product. Make sure that you have created the cleavage that you desired, then cover your nipples with “accessory F” provided.
  • WingBra is highly ductile; you can adjust it to create desired lifting effect. If WingBra cannot be fully covered by your clothes, you can even wear it upside down to avoid revealing the product.

Attention 建議

  • 使用乳液爽身粉或任何肌膚保養品,都會破壞本商品的黏著性。黏貼 WingBra 羽透胸翼前請勿使用相關肌膚保養品。
  • 請依照原圖示黏回收納,請勿對折黏貼。
  • 不可使用尖銳物品接觸本產品或任意剪裁。
  • 皮皮膚感染、有傷口、曬傷或不適時請勿穿戴 WingBra。
  • 使用完每次需以中性肥皂清洗以維持粘性。
  • People with sensitive skin should avoid wearing for long periods
  • Always place the WingBra on the storage film when not in use
  • Do not use sharp objects on the WingBra. Do not cut the WingBra
  • People with infected, wounded or sun-burnt skin should not use the WingBra.